Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Technologies at the edge

A few random bits from the ether today. We've got the RFID Zapper (bets on how long before it starts hitting the annoying neighbours and their bin ???). On a more useful note we have Bill Clementson's computer keyboard and desktop setup for preventing / reducing RSI, which I think I might be convinced to part a few euros for.

I'm really sick of those tacky timber frame houses they keep putting up around, if only they could be a little more creative I might be convinced about them but probably not. Also from Inhabit we've got how-to turn a parking space into a park. Hhhhmm a break for coffee I think ....

Annette's coffee is sure strong .... ;-)

A interesting project using GPS to create narrative geodocumentary to represent the dairy trade between Latvia and the Netherlands. On the podcast front from ITConversations we got the secrets behind Rails by David Heinemeier Hansson, Hiring Techies and Nerds by Johanna Rothman and Roy Osherove which leads nicely to .....

Robert Trivers on What Do We Know which is a talk about the evolutionary basis of deception which links nicely to how congressional staffers in the US are rewriting Wikipedia and other online repositories. The example of Representative (Rep) Marty Meehan staff wiped out references to his broken term-limits pledge and information regarding his campaign budget was given in the Lowell Sun's article.


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