Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wednesday Ramblings

Starting light and funny we have a 100 years of music using the London Underground map and the Interactive Tartan weaver. Two good podcasts over at ITConversations on Advanced Audio Editing Techniques and What Do We Know - The Scandal of Prediction. Speaking of scandal's Wikinews have used their special access to give us an update on those wikipedia rewritings over at the US Senate.

As I'm currently having lots of fun writing XCode apps here is a useful one, on using PackageMaker to create your installers for Mac OS X.

Big brother is watching. Really watching. So we got DemocracyNOW's interview (MP3) of Robert O'Harrow, writer of the book "No Place to Hide", which talks about the changes since the Patriot bill and the whole post 9/11 data collection and mining of private data by technology companies and by government anti-terror initiatives.

On a less creepy note we have two interesting peaks from the fringe getting mainstream media coverage with an interview of two Canadian Singularitarians ( and the whole bit on a friendly, superhuman intelligence etc ) and the Guardian talking about Transhumanism. As well as more on NGO in a box, which I've mentioned before but is now gearing up to finish its stage two.


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