Saturday, February 25, 2006

Enda's Speech

Enda's Speech
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Enda's first act was to call on a motion of condomnation of the events in Dublin.

The national language is owned by all and Enda's speech touched on many of his earlier releases on this topic. "More than ever we need an open debate on it, Find Gael will hold a conference on March 11th to debate this topic with speakers from national, international and linguistic fields. The introduction of scales of competency on the language is one of Fine Gael's suggestions for this debate".

Enda touched on the issue of trust on the economy, the plan to reign in Stealth taxes, public trust of ministers who serve the people not themselves. The buck will stop on the desk of the minister. Government can deal with the issues of competition and the troubled waters of international world changes.

Fine Gael's message is clear and will be heard by the electrate. Effective and responsible leadership was another keystone of the speech. The choices of the people are not for the next election but for the next generation.


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