Saturday, May 06, 2006

Morning of 73rd Ard Fheis

After a good old night in the CityWest, we're into the morning session and a great success from the lads in the UL YFG branch as the motion on re-emphasing the by-line Fine Gael - The United Ireland Party passed so congratulations to both Eric and Sarah who made their first presentations at an Ard Fheis and passed their motion too!

It's gone live to RTE with Brody Sweeney first up followed swiftly by Leo Varadkar, both speaking on transport in Dublin and both men were pushing the woes of the M50 and the life of the ordinary Dublin commuter. A 789% return to NTR on the cost of building the M50 bridge compared to the cost of building it. The dodgy story of Fianna Fail politics where it was first Burke and George Redmond, later followed by Cullen who continued the trend of favouring Fianna Fail friends ... A classic remark by Leo. "I won't trust Cullen to wash my car not to mind running a department.". Leo was followed by Francis Fitzgerald also talking about the woes of young communters and young families. She pointed out something I hadn't realised, that there is a disused Rail tunnel under the Phoenix Park. I'll have to admit that Olivia Mitchell was on the top table and listening to the quality of comments from the three previous speakers, it was hard to think how she could top the previous motions but she really did come out and make a clear concise and informative speech.


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