Friday, June 30, 2006

Friday and some neat little links

Well I'm all good to work on more podcasting.

Some other people also like Rainbows End. Boingboing are also doing their bit to ensure that net censorship can be avoided in China. Seems India is making its presence felt in Central Asia (see also).

Skipping back to politics - HOWTO: Kill A News Story (see also), an interesting article ''SMS/MMS, Bluetooth and Viral Mobile Politics - A Spanish Example" and I wonder if the way forward for politicans is simply to blog and podcast, seems like Labour's Dominic Hannigan is going down the blog route. Seeing as members of the Oireachtas can get 3G cards and Blackberries now and with the latest rumour that all members are going to be offered dictaphones with the ability to transfer recordings to a PC in the near future, it seems podcasting will soon be rife through out Leinster House but for the meanwhile you'll have to settle for Senator Joe O'Toole's podcast.


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