Thursday, July 06, 2006

More links of interest from the ether

I was asked yesterday how I manage to find all those interesting links and articles that I add to my blog. It's simple really - I use Vienna as a newsreader which allows me to quickly check a large number of sites which offer their stories or articles via RSS or Atom feeds. The collection of feeds I'm currently subscribed for is available as a opml file. Speaking of nice Mac software, checkout Visor which offers a systemwide terminal window accessible via a hotkey.

Knockd, Knockd - who's there ?
A short article on using port knocking to connect from anywhere to a closed Linux firewall, still not sure if I'm full convinced about port knocking but whatever.

ITConversations have some really great talks online with Paula Le Dieu on the "Science Commons" (Creative Commons for scientific knowledge), how about "Future-Proofing Your Privacy". The best has got to be Al Gore's "The Earth in the Balance". Another good talk on the Long War (The Long War is a name describing the current view plus implications of the US's War on Terrorism). Also interesting is empowerment through technology over at The Coming Anarchy.

What is Charlie Stross thinking these days?

A new site providing designers with information about new materials. Looks very promising for prototypers out there.

On a more Irish-centric focus, there is going to be a Data Retention conference on Wednesday, 19 July 2006, from 2-6pm in the Royal Irish Academy on Dawson Street. The current direction for Blogging and the next Irish General Election, sounds very interesting particular the OpenSpace idea.


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