Sunday, August 19, 2007

Flat out, crash, burn

It's been a while since my last post due to the workload I'm under at the moment. Things have stepped up a couple of gears on the IMS Arcs project as the scenarios we've generated are getting their first usability assessment and there are a lot of scenarios!

Apart from a couple lunches in the Wild Onion, things have been very stressful.
But at least you're bound to meet someone there you know.

I found a nice article on ``Controlling multiple Macs, locally and remotely" and one on mind mapping. Here is a nice review of the latest Amazon Web Services with a bit of historical context. Here's a nice shortcut page from Jan Chipchase with a collection of his most excellent presentations.

I've been re-framing some old work for my PhD which has gotten me back to doing even more R and LaTeX of the obscure and intermediate varieties. I even found a nice useful SurveyGizmo to help out on some of the other experiments I'm currently running. Add a couple of students who are in the final hectic moments of their taught master programmes and that gives the current mix of my work load. Now if I could some how fit in some time for a break into the schedule (no, not a holiday that'd be asking way too much!) before I do really crash and burn....


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