Thursday, February 23, 2006

Lectures, Projects and stress

Its a bit mad here with 4 weeks to a serious application for the project I'm on with loads of integration underway with all that entails.

I'm also up for Mikael's Interactive Media lectures this week - so we have Affordances, Gestalts, Mappings, Semiotics and the relevant models from HCI and ID to frame everything in the proper context.

A book recommendation, "Micro ISV - From Vision to Reality", if you ever thought or would like to sell software as a single developer or small company, read this book. Its brillant, it offers a wide coverage from blogging for customers, to source control, to planning your software as well as the necessary legal steps in several countries where you could setup a business. Its a hybrid startup business book with a lot of interviews from people in the trenches living the life described here. It has a good historical basis for where shareware came from and how this kind of development is more than possible today with all the nuts and bolts you'll need to get started. It isn't the bible on source control or project planning and does sometimes offer a wider rather than deeper view on the topics but for the audience its being pitched at it is a perfect fit.

Inhabitat have some cool stuff today with the treehouse I always wanted, one solution to cracked pavements. I only wish look at WorldChanging that the Irish government could think about a decent study on the future of infrastructure in the large scale of things but that won't happen with our absent minded government. Another interesting article is the hidden world of the military world often divided from civil society by fences and prohibitive signs.

As its Thursday, why not ?


  • Thanks for doing the lectures - in a de-funct lecture hall. Let's put up the slides on-line so that students can access them.

    By Blogger cyberviking, at 12:34 a.m.  

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