Saturday, September 29, 2007

Above and Beyond, the Right Stuff

It's not often that I genuinely get to sing someone's praises and today I received an email that absolutely deserved it.

I've been know to dabble in the production of conference or workshop proceedings and I've even given some guidelines on how to do it. This is simply paled in comparison to the latest work of Vincent Verfaille who has simply gone above and beyond this by producing a fantastic LaTeX package for proceeding editors.

The confproc package is a new LaTeX document-class for conference proceedings. It derives form LaTeX scripts written for the DAFx-06 conference proceedings, mainly based on the pdfpages package for including the proceedings papers and the hyperref package for creating proper table of contents, bookmarks and general bibliography back-references. It also uses many other packages for fine tuning of table of contents, bibliography and index of authors. The added value of this class resides in its time-saving aspects when designing conference proceedings.

He has written a short technical report on his experiences for DAFx06 and on using LaTeX to produce proceedings. Congratulations and thanks to Vincent for this most excellent resource.

UPDATE 1: I was emailing Vincent and congratulating him as well as suggesting he should submit to the PracTex Journal, he'd already beaten me to the punch and it looks like there will be a nice article in the PracTeX Journal for the November 15th issue.

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