Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bits and Pieces of Interesting

A project and a blog I have been following for the last couple of weeks is Michael Dory's ITP blog which is documentating some of the interesting pieces he's doing for the ITP program in NYU. In particular, I've been keeping an eye to his Concrete Crickets (NPR radio interview details) as I'd like to do something similiar. I've been mulling around doing a similiar guerillia installation with some of Mikael's new Thermin boards, a couple of arduinos or just AVRs and the new Living bridge at UL. This has left me off and reading the likes of ''Rough Notes on Programming AVR Microcontrollers in C'' and ''Anatomy of a C program for AVR''. Fellow mac users are directed to ``Programming AVR with a MacBook'' (see this tutorial also) and the OSX-AVR toolchain installer.

To keep track of some of the happenings at ITP, take a look at their Blog Blender.

Another couple of items caught my attention, firstly it was FeedJournal which takes RSS feeds, PDFs them put its angle is that it'll give you something like a newspaper broadsheet format to read them in. I've been using for RSS 2 PDF on my blog for ages and I actually prefer their cleaner and simpler format, plus its free! I can think of another alternative company which is doing equally innovative things in the sphere of dynamic publishing. Alternatively, you may want a simple digest email and you could try RssFwd.

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