Monday, June 18, 2007

No CCNA just yet !

Well managed to just miss the ICND, 78 % when 85 % was needed so was nearly but not quite there. Managing to duff the simulator question and my timing as a result probably didn't help the rest of the exam. Looks like it'll be mid July before I'll go again given conference and work deadlines but having done it once, it'll have to get easier!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

A mix of things from across the wire

Alex Steffan has a nice post "The Empire of Crime" which raises some interesting questions for the current world and our future directions.
For all the horrors that might await us, there exist an equal number of shimmering possibilities. We live at the twilight of the Industrial Era, and at the dawn of another. What sort of an era this will be depends, in many ways, on how well we dance what inspector Lohmann in Fritz Lang's film calls "the fine line between genius and madness" and how many of us choose, in the end, to put the powers we are gaining to the service of all. - Alex Steffan

So many cool household ideas! Tesla's work continues as MIT demos wireless power transfer based on his theories.

These are the kind of blogs I'd like to see for thesis project blogs, particularly its nice to see example entries like this (RFID 2 Bluetooth) or nice resources pages. Yes, its that time of year again where the latest batch of Interactive Media students get to showcase their talents and produce their thesis project.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Joe's Laptop - A Warning

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Seems security is gone even further to the dogs in the Foundation, as even using a security chain can now be circumvented by sheer brute force when it comes to the Laptop thieves that are prowling UL.

As Mike already asked the question, how long before UL refuses to spend project monies on laptops due to the increasing number of thefts from around the campus. It'd be nice if they added proper locks and security access to the areas in question first, but sure its UL and they'll probably take the wrong course again without consulting any of the locals.

Thankfully for my friend Joe, his laptop was recovered due to the quick witted nature of another colleague and Campus Security was alerted but this case is definitely the exception rather than the rule.