Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The third decade - here I come!

Well I'm older, maybe wiser - then again maybe not but as they say the thirties are new twenties. Thanks to Mark and Conal for a lovely lunch and surprise in the Wild Onion today. Now if I can only survive the slagging for the rest of the day ....


Monday, December 03, 2007

Monday and a local focus

Well seems somebody reads my ramblings and rants as I've made it onto the Limerick Leader's in their local blogs section. I reckon there must be one or two readers of that made the connection or else from the page, either way its great and thanks to all the nice people at the Limerick Leader for throwing my blog in the section. As always and ever, I'm proud and happy to be a Limerick man. Hat tip to Dan for pointing this out to me.

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Mad weekend but some craic

Just had a short weekender in Dublin and got to meet up with some of the lads. We did the whole shopping thing and even the nice dinner too! I'd have to recommend the City Bar and Grill on Kildare St as a very nice spot.


Not much else to report at the moment, work on IMS Arcs is progressing with the next fortnight seeing some real usability testing beginning on some of service ideas. There'll be some kind of paper probably coming out of this early next year. I'd given a lecture last week to the IMedia Masters on Flash and Streaming but had forgotten to put up the link (here it is!).

A few bits and pieces that have caught my eye were a pre-print draft circulated from the Auditory List on ``The potential of the Internet for music perception research'', hacking a Chumby, the bunnie studio blog - in particular this note on SEG Electronics Market in Shenzhen, how the Linux Kernel actually works, the EnergyJoule for tracking your electricity usage, Worldchaning also has a nice summary article on ``Computers As Green Tools''. I've mentioned Concrete Crickets before, the full code has been made available by Michael Dory (Thanks Mike!) and he's also got a great post on hacking MP3 players.